Call for Papers verlängert - 9th International Whitehead Conference

9th International Whitehead Conference "Society and Process – From Theory to Practice 9-12 September 2013", in Krakow, Poland

The 9th International Whitehead Conference will take place on 9-12 September 2013 in Krakow, Poland. The Conference is organized by the Whitehead Metaphysical Society and the Department of Philosophy at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow and is supported by the International Process Network. The title of the Conference is: Society and Process - from Theory to Practice. This topic seems particularly important for several reasons.

First of all, "society" and "process" are basic and complementary terms constituting the main axis of process philosophy. They apply equally well to the descriptions of all levels of reality - from quantum fields and elementary particles, through "societies" of molecules and their complex aggregates, to human beings and societies sensu stricto. Furthermore, all reality is permeated by two factors: creativity and solidarity. The former one influences the formation of individuals; the latter one - the formation of societies. Those metaphysical terms have found their historical incarnation in Poland in the 1980s when the Solidarity movement arose and the emergence of a new social order followed. Therefore, the topic of the Conference reflects a Polish perspective, one that results from our attempt to understand the changing world, and to find our place in the evolving social order - the term being understood in its widest, processual sense.

With the dynamical global development of societies come new social problems which can be analyzed on two general planes: the theoretical and the practical. First of all, there is a basic difficulty of understanding the complexity of human relations, social bonds and structures. In addition, problems arise when practical solutions for local social issues have to be found. The results achieved by the multiple scientific disciplines have to be put into a single unifying context which still has to be flexible enough to allow their application in diverse cultural backgrounds of the world's societies. We warmly invite all scholars who regard process philosophy as a viable tool in face of problems both in philosophy and contemporary world. The following sections will be held at the Conference: 1. Process philosophy/ontology. 2. "Continental" philosophy. 3. "Anglo-American" philosophy. 4. Ethics / Aesthetics / Arts / Literature. 5. Science and process philosophy. 6. Social sciences. 7. Education. 8. Psychology / Philosophy of Mind / Neuroscience / Language. 9. Philosophy of Religion / Theology. 10. Ecological civilization. 11. Whitehead in Poland.

It is our hope that the atmosphere of Krakow with its centuries-old history of science and philosophy and its vibrant modern ambience will inspire all of our guests. Plenary lectures will be held at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and sessions will take place at the Pontifical University of John Paul II, both venues located in the very heart of Krakow Old Town.

Once again, you are warmly invited to attend this unique meeting, and we sincerely hope that you will contribute to it with your individual take on process philosophy.

The Organizing Committee Submissions extended deadline 30 April 2013

To apply for the Conference please send an abstract of ca. 600 words suitable for one of the Conference sections. Registration for the conference takes place online. For detailed information concerning both the Conference and the application process please visit the Conference website: Any questions should be directed to:

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Stascha Rohmer - "Liebe - Zukunft einer Emotion"

Stascha Rohmer, der seit Langem in der Whitehead-Forschung aktiv ist, hat im zweiten spanischen Fernsehprogramm die spanische Übersetzung seiner 2008 erschienen Monographie Liebe - Zukunft einer Emotion vorgestellt. Die Sendung zu Amor, el porvenir de una emoción können Sie sich hier vollständig ansehen.

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Whitehead im Fernsehen

Wer nicht die Möglichkeit hatte, die Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema "Bildung als Aktivität: Whiteheadianische Perspektiven" mit Godehard Brüntrup und Franz Riffert an der Hochschule für Philosophie live zu erleben, kann dies nun nachholen. Der Bayrische Rundfunk überträgt auf Bayern Alpha die komplette Diskussion, die Sie am 16.02.2013 ab 22:00 Uhr verfolgen können. Programminformationen finden Sie hier.

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9th International Whitehead Conference

9. Internationale Whitehead Konferenz in Krakow/Polen

Im Zeitraum vom 09. bis 12. September 2013 wird zum inzwischen neunten Mal die Internationale Whitehead Konferenz ausgerichtet, bei der sich für Philosophen und andere Interessierte die seltene Gelegenheit bietet, sich in einem globalen Rahmen miteinander auszutauschen. Für Whiteheadianer aus Deutschland dürfte die Veranstaltung auch deshalb von besonderem Interesse sein, weil sie in in der 'Nachbarschaft' stattfindet - Veranstaltungsort ist das polnische Krakow, das darüber hinaus auch historisch und kulturell viel zu bieten hat.

Die Konferenz steht unter dem Titel Society and Process - From Theory to Practice und umspannt mit insgesamt 10 Sektionen ein Spektrum, das unter anderem Prozessmetaphysiken, Ethik und Ästhetik, Erziehungsphilosophie, Psychologie, Religion und Ökologie enthält. Konferenzdetails, Anmeldemodalitäten und Kontaktdaten finden Sie auf der Konferenzhomepage.

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